Our Services

At Asian Hair and Skin Clinic, we provide safe and reliable hair transplantation and

cosmetic surgery services in Bangalore. All our services are completely safe, and affordable.

Having access to the latest equipments in the industry has proven to be a game changer for

us. All our doctors and technicians have been in the business long enough to understand the

client requirements and comply accordingly. Our doctors provide the right diagnosis and

treatments to ensure effective result in a credible amount of time. A list of the services we

provide are as follows-

 Hair Transplant

 Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments

 Vitiligo

 Laser Hair Removal

 Liposuction

 Cosmetic Surgeries such as Rhino Plasty, Scar management, Tattoo Removal,


Our Facilities

P.R.P (Platel Rich Plasma)                                                   Liposuction (Fat Removal)

PRP hair loss treatment in Bangalore              Hospitals for liposuction surgery Bangalore



Vitiligo ( White Patches )                                                    Hair Transplant

hospital for vitiligo surgery in Bangalore               Best hair transplant clinic in Bangalore



Cosmetic Surgeries                                                                Laser Hair Removal

Best cosmetic surgery clinic in Bangalore               Laser hair removal surgeon in Bangalore

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