Post laser hair removal care

Laser hair removal is quite a safe procedure, where high intensity lasers are used to remove hair permanently from unwanted regions. The laser beam absorbed by the melanin (growth center of the hair) destroys the follicle cells permanently. Since powerful lasers are used in the treatment, it can result in swelling and redness for a couple of weeks after the procedure has been administered.

One must take good care of the skin during the healing process in order to ensure speedy recovery. Although it might get a little itchy, it is advised not to scratch the area. If any crust develops you can let it fall off naturally, and applying an aloe ointment can help soothe the itch and swelling. It is advised to apply the ointment several times a day to keep the area moist.

Avoid any vigorous activity such as sports for a few days after the treatment to let the skin settle. It is best to avoid hot baths and showers, and swimming in chlorinated water for at least a couple of days after the treatment. It is best to wear loose clothing for two to three days. In case of any infection such as pus, tenderness or fever, you can contact the clinic for a follow up.

Asian hair and Skin Clinic is one of the leading cosmetic surgery clinic in Bangalore, and is equipped with the latest laser hair removal equipment and competent personnel to help remove unwanted hair.

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